søndag, august 27, 2006

Intet at frygte

Venstrefløjen, herunder de Radikale, har ret. De har faktisk intet at frygte fra islamisterne:

"A few important issues must be made clear in this call to jihad:

We must know who and what is the enemy.

It is important to realize that not all things of the Western world and not all people from Western culture are evil. There are many good things offered through Western knowledge, technology and medicine. There are many good people in Western nations trying to live right lives. These things and these people are not our enemy; they also are victims of Western secular materialism.

The enemy can be found in many places. The enemy is every idea, every word and every action that is in opposition to the Will of Allah. The enemy is those who hold to the wrong beliefs, those who speak in support of what is wrong, and those who act against the Will of Allah" (Islamic World net - Official website of khalifah Institute).

Meget kan man sige om venstrefløjen, men det er sjældent, de lader et hårdt ord falde i lige præcis dén retning. Så I er home free! Tillykke!

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Anonym sagde ...

kig over på Snaphanen, der er en film optaget med skjult kamera om en moske i Czech.


Thomas Bolding Hansen sagde ...

Der er så hyggeligt og rent ved håndvasken :)

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