lørdag, september 15, 2007

Blauenfeldt-krise II

- I got a pretty good look into his eyes, and I'm pretty sure I saw nothing inside his skull.

Efter 3 timer på Little Green Footballs ligger der nu 155 vrede kommentarer til Blauenfeldt og Danmark. Her et par af dem:

- Hope he chokes on a danish.

- "Enlightened" Danes my A*s!

- I'd like to whack him upside the head with one of those stupid wooden shoes.

- Yeah, I'm offended. "Finally, someone is striking back." *spit* As they move closer to being overrun by their new overlords, I'd expect this Anti-Americanism to increase. Until it they need us.

- He probably hates Israel, too.

This is one of the reasons why I really don't give much thought to what Europe thinks. It's self evident what they think

- A wanker, an ignorant, self righteous prick who does not realize where the charm in his life has it's genesis. Nothing more.

- Bet this little prick hasn't done any cartoons of Mo lately.

- Punk, put him in a Burqua! Thats the ticket

- He probably wears a dress as it is.

- He's a Swede in Danish clothing. I know. Remember, Denmark is still the only nation in the world that has a celebration July 4th as America's Independence Day and they'll publish the Mo cartoons.
Even cool countries have their assclowns.

Via Skattetryk.

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Anonym sagde ...

"I'd like to whack him upside the head with one of those stupid wooden shoes."

Ytringsfriheden under angreb!!!

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